[one_half last=»no»]The history of a combined effort
In 1957, a group of farmers of Fuenteálamo (Albacete) set up a co-operative becoming the Cooperativa del Campo “San Dionisio” (San Dionisio Campo Co-operative), named after the patron saint of Fuenteálamo. Initiating their activity up to the present which is nowadays known as Bodegas San Dionisio Sociedad Cooperativa (Cooperative Society)..
The members combined their work as farmers with that of an entrepreneur, with values that companies seek nowadays and which these farmers who have managed to retain those values, as well as obtaining quality crops with agricultural means of the era, thereby obtaining a 100% natural, ecological and quality product. Each fruit comes from carefully tending to the land, vines, climate and the toil of the land by man, establishing a connection as the main livelihood and generating wealth in each partner agriculturist.
Las excepcionales condiciones de nuestra climatología  y suelo dan lugar a una producción escasa con maduración lenta, obteniendo unos vinos de gran complejidad y fuerte personalidad.
Wine, a centuries-old tradition
For generations Bodegas San Dionisio has moulded the fruit of the land to convey its essence to the end consumer; still preserving the autochthonous varieties of vines such as the ungrafted Monastrell (or Mourvèdre) grapes with over 40 years of age, and innovating with new varieties such as Syrah (or Shiraz), Petit Verdot, Verdejo etc.; making wines in a traditional and artisanal manner, made in oak barrels producing high quality crianzas, but without relinquishing the latest technological advances that are available to the wine industry such as machinery for controlled fermentation, extraction of polyphenols etc., as well as tradition and innovation and setting strict quality controls.
Recognition and honours
The result of the commitment and a job well done is the recognition by clients and consumers of each of our products, this being of paramount importance to us, yet also seeing this fact reflected in the number of awards won in recent years on a national and international level. Being present in national and international trade fairs so as to promote our products worldwide.
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A high-class olive oil
The climatic conditions and terrain of the area are particularly suited for olive cultivation, thus enabling Bodegas San Dionisio since 1999 to become a producer of excellent quality virgin and extra virgin olive oils.
Pampering palates
Whenever any of our products is discovered by one’s palate, one is a witness of the freshness and fruity flavour of our rosé and white wines, verifying the richness of our red and Crianza wines rich in widely varied nuances, and savouring our oil that possesses the perfect intensity of fruity aromas; but especially one will delight in the tradition, commitment, the love for nature and the many many values which make up a product manufactured under the highest degree of professionalism of approximately 800 members and employees who comprise same, shapes as a whole the corporate value such as is Bodegas San Dionisio Sociedad Cooperativa (Cooperative Society).
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